Elle Callanan

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Private Pricing

For you beautiful few who are my tribe through and through, I have a sparkling (and hush hush) gift...

I've cut my public rate by more than half and am also waiving the $150 enrollment fee! This gives you two 1-hour sessions per month during which we celebrate your successes, get real about what you want, and craft steps to make it so. Plus you receive a discounted rate if you want to add in an extra session at any time.

We all want joy, growth and focus. What else do YOU want? How do you want to FEEL every day? Let's manifest it together!

I believe deeply in the coaching partnership I share with all my clients, and in honoring that, you and I create a commitment to this important work together. If you're excited for change and growth (and I know you are because you're here) join me for a month of personal renewal! At the end of the month, you can cancel, auto renew month-to-month or choose a different package.

The next step is simply to say yes and set up our first call together! Message me at elle@ellehome.com with two or three times that work for you for our first session.

I can't wait to create together! With love,


Hush Hush Tribe Pricing is $100 for 1 month, which includes 2 1-hour sessions. Each additional 1-hour session is $50. It's best to commit to the number of sessions you'd like at the start of each month.

There is always a Soulution